Who We Are

This is an app for people with disabilities and people with chronic illnesses

There is an epidemic of loneliness in our country now and quite a bit more so for those of us with visible or invisible disabilities. We can become isolated and it is difficult to socialize. This site is designed to match you with a companion of similar interests or wants to do an activity you also want to do so that you have companionship.

This is not a dating app but it is structured like one. But instead of finding someone to date you are finding a companion to hang out with socially. This is an app to meet with likeminded people to engage in activities we are capable of doing. We lose so many friends overtime to illness and it is hard for us to get out and about to make friends.

It is our mission to help us all engage with the world again. Even if it is just for someone to have coffee with. Or have a game night. Or a paint nite. Whatever you are into or want to engage in. You can do it with someone who also has limitations and also wants to get out and socialize.

About Me

So a little about me. I have run a blog called the Brainless Blogger for over a decade. I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, nerve damage, joint hypermobility, and vertigo. Among some miscellaneous and managed illnesses. Quite the collection really. I have been chronically ill since I was a child mostly due to the joint hypermobility syndrome and in my teens fibromyalgia kicked in but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 20. Pretty much right around then the migraines began and at a fairly consistent pace over the years became chronic. Recently it has been the constant vestibular issues, that used to be episodic and for that I am still getting all the tests and seeing all the doctors. You know the deal. I have been permanently disabled from work since the end of 2017. I have known self-isolation due to pain and depression. Hermit-mode I called it. And it lasted a very long time. As you can image I lost every single friend I had. So this app was created from that experience of mine. And the realization of how vital to our wellbeing some socialization is. A little bit goes a long way.

Our Vision

My vision is that this will help put a dent in the loneliness epidemic we have especially in our communities. My hope is we can socialize a bit more than we did, which is mentally and emotionally healthy for us but difficult as well. 

App Features

It is a social app… yes, it is designed for us to make connections out in the world but it also has a community within the app.

  1. First, this is an app to connect with others around you where you can chat and maybe then arrange a time to socialize together. The idea is to create connections in the world, decrease isolation, and socialize more.
  2. There is a forum for overall sharing with the whole community
  3. You can social share
  4. And you can post pictures in a gallery

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I cannot put on iPhone as I have no Apple products, which is a must for them. I do apologize for that as it is rather frustrating.

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I had no control over the design aspect of the website access to the platform. But just log in, click on the headings… and it will bring you into the same type thing as the app platform.

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